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What’s fun about company sales stats?

2 of my best friends are on this Top Leaders List with me.

3 of us started our business in Racine, Wisconsin. Racine is home to SC Johnson,  privately held, global manufacturer of household cleaning supplies and other consumer chemicals. One wouldn’t consider our local market to be excited or ready to invest in products that “radically reduce chemicals in homes.”

People ask if markets get “saturated” in direct sales. We smile, say no, and don’t buy into “saturation” or the idea that is a valid reason to not start a Norwex business.  75% of the customers at my party have never purchased a Norwex product. Most have not even heard of Norwex until getting the invitation to a party.

What a gift I have been given. Endless opportunity. No glass ceiling.  I make my own hours. We sell a product that is going to change the health of America for future generations. I work with people I love. We take free vacations on the company each year. My family business means I get to be a Mom first, and make an income that will leave a legacy for both them and my future grandkids. What’s the catch? There is none. When you are ready to try something new, I am here to coach and support you!





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