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Tidying Up

One year ago we packed up about 1/3 of our home in anticipation of a move…

That move didn’t happen. After 12 months of having an attic full of boxes and totes, I have gone digging for wanted and missing things a total of TWO times.

Two weeks ago I brought on help. As much as I cherish and adore my Norwex business, I was dropping too many balls, spending too many hours searching for missing things, letting customers down, but worst of all, my kids were wondering why I was so distracted and stressed. I knew it wasn’t the job itself, but my lack of systems and organization that was leaving me feeling defeated.

This job has highlighted how DIFFERENT people are, and how fun is that to watch? I am so grateful for women who can come in, give advice, make decisions, and get to work making this business, my office,  and work more efficient. My gifts are in other areas. I love my new organized closets and bags and desk and computer now, but I needed HELP to make it happen.

It was very hard for me to hire help. I never imagined this job would turn into a career, and one that would transform my family’s life at that. This month has been a wonderful one. I keep learning that getting help doesn’t mean you are failing. (You are saving yourself and others!)

Get this book. You will love it!


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