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Maren’s Broccoli Slaw Summer Salad

Here’s a super fast, easy, and healthy lunch idea. If a ten year old can make this, anyone can! Maren, my once SUPER fussy kid has become obsessed with broccoli slaw and has been finding creative ways to eat it.

One of the easiest ways to make smart and non-crazy hunger induced bad choices is to bake or grill up several chicken breasts on Sunday evening and use them during the work week when you are short on time and patience. We use the Pampered Chef Deep Covered Baker for the juiciest chicken cooking results ever.


Maren’s Broccoli Slaw Summer Salad

One Bag Broccoli Slaw (Find this in the same area of your grocery where they sell pre-bagged salad mixes.)

Toss in 1-2 cups of chopped chicken. (Or leave it out if you are a vegetarian, it tastes great meatless too.)

Add in something crunchy! We like a raw trail mix with sesame seeds and almonds. Or just choose one or the other.

Dice an apple. Granny Smith adds a nice flavor. Or, choose a small handful of dried cranberries. Craisins are loaded with sugar, so choose a brand sweetened with apple juice instead.

Drizzle in a little Balasmic dressing. Tessemae’s is my new favorite brand. The ingredients they use are super clean! You might choose to add in a fresh squeeze of lemon juice as well.

Mix it up and serve. Nom-nom! Did you like this recipe? Please share or Pin!


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