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Norwex Gives Back

One week after our Norwex National Conference in Minneapolis and I am still coming down off the post-conference high. It’s impossible to bottle up the experience and write about it in a way that makes a sincere impact, but after attending 4 of these annual events I am just as in love with our company as I was 4 years ago. The true high of the weekend was standing on stage with my friend Megan and accepting a $6500 check on behalf of our mutual friend Karri and The Racine Coalition Against Human Trafficking. This is the third year Norwex has selected a Racine charity or foundation to support. I’ll never stop being amazed at how generous they are and the commitment they have to supporting the communities we live and work in. It was especially fun to send this photo to Karri because 4 years ago she was one of the first friends I sheepishly confided in about my new job as a Norwex consultant.  I had been such a party plan hater that selling anything after being such a huge Norwex skeptic made me feel like a total jerk. I told her that I was going to sell this stuff called Norwex and had barely explained what it was, when she looked right at me and said “I’ll have a party for you.” She’s that kind of a friend. I could have said I was selling week-old seafood from the back of my minivan and she would have supported me. She was the catalyst that helped us introduce Norwex to Racine, a community that is home to the largest household cleaning products in America.


There were many other fantastic things that happened that weekend, including proof that hard work pays off. Our sales team was #2 in USA volume this year, meaning that just one level of the women on our team sold over 1.6 million dollars of Norwex. Better than that, is the proof that we have put 1.6 million dollars of safer products into the hands of Americans. I was also able to celebrate Katie, one of my best friends who has become a top company performer as well. Her heart is in helping, and after declaring last year she was going to be on stage, she did it. Women from half-way across the country who are on our sales team showed up to conference, friends who joined me in the first few months of starting Norwex joined us. It was like a big old family reunion, and and can’t wait to see what this year brings.  After all, we are still small but mighty. Put that many passionate women on a mission into the same room and watch magical things happen!


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