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2 *Easy* Ways to Become A Norwex Consultant

Are you looking around for info on what you need to know about becoming a Norwex Consultant?

Norwex is in a HUGE growth season. What I really love about our company is that no matter what is happening in the world, we remain necessary and relevant to our customers. Cleaning is practical, cleaning is important, and cleaning safe and smart has become a top priority to so many people in the past few months.

You simply will not be able to avoid chemicals in your day to day life for the time being, but at home, you can make smart and purposeful decisions about how to dust, how to clean the floors, how to wash the dishes, how to clean the shower…. we have all the right tools to get cleaning done in a better, easier, safer way!

So how about getting behind our mission of reducing chemicals (and being nicer to the Earth!)

Many people are going to be looking for flexible options this fall as life looks uncertain for so many of us. If you have wanted to partner with a party plan company, check us out.

Do Norwex at a pace that works for you. (I won’t wag a finger at you and make you feel anything other than appreciated for whatever it is you want do here!)

Do Norwex WHEN it works for you. Have a full time job? Many of our most successful leaders and consultants have full time careers and do Norwex when it fits in their schedule.

Do Norwex in a WAY that feels safe. Yes, sales can feel scary, but most of the women I coach will tell you that once you feel convicted and bonkers excited about a product you love and use daily, it doesn’t feel creepy or pushy to get others on board. I mean, think about NOT having Norwex. Horror. How would you wash your windows? How would you wipe your counters? You’d have to go back to the old gross ways and that would be horrible. How many products are that.dang.good? Few, I tell you. So teach others how to clean better and right now you can do it from the safety of your own computer, in faded and stained pajama pants and nobody even cares. Maybe run a comb through your hair if you get brave enough to use Facebook Live or Zoom though.

Check out the 2 paths to join:

Hit the gas and do 1000 dollars of sales in 30 days. Boom: Free Kit.


Gently push the gas and do 2000 dollars of sales in 90 days. Boom:Free Kit.

You don’t even need to commit to one path or the other when you sign up. Just start. Then just do your Norwex adventure (with my support, of course.) I am one of the top leaders/earners in the company and I will plug you into the best resources, a supportive and FUN team Facebook page, and lots of company tools that you can access on your schedule that will have you loving your Norwex gig.

Want to ask me questions? I am nice (except when hungry) and not threatening (except if you are my child and leave a wet Norwex towel on the carpet for the 1452th time.)

I’d love to help you get started.

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