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About 6 months into my Norwex journey and 4 years ago this month, I nearly quit.

I had already built a small team, had qualified and had some good months, but was watching my business slip away and parties cancel. I was falling behind in everything from laundry (that’s still the case) to my volunteer obligations and I was never able to finish anything with the quality I wanted to. I had three kids under 6 and felt like it wasn’t worth it. My husband was supportive to a degree, but he also wasn’t sold on this being “worth it” yet either. I was driving 2 hours one way to parties with 3 people in attendance.

I felt like parties canceling and team members quitting was a reflection of what I was capable of and took it very personally.

I called Kimberly, my upline and told her maybe I should go back to being a doula. I wondered if midwifery was more for me, babies being born seemed like a better way to find job security.

Reaching out to her and talking it out was a key moment in my life. I needed to say outloud that I wasn’t sure. I would have rather just quietly quit. She never promised I was going to find success but let me know that she believed in me and helped me see that it wasn’t my time to quit. I decided that I would quit only if I was able to have a successful month with parties and new team members. It’s hard to quit when you have given 100 percent and then have gotten back to feeling good about yourself.

I hate this quote: “If it doesn’t open, it’s not your door.”
I added my own footnote to it.

I’ve been locked out, pushed out, and had three deadbolts locked on me over the years. (Not literally, but you get it.)

Sometimes you have to just go to the window and slide in.
Other times you need to keep on knocking until your hand gets sore.
Once in awhile you have to kick the damn door down.

Congrats to Annie, one of my new team members who didn’t know any of this about me but heard me out yesterday, had her launch party last night and let herself be vulnerable to whatever the outcome would be.

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