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Your Own Norwex Exfoliation Station

Dry season is on the horizon, and it’s time to pay attention to your skin! We wear layers upon layers and it’s easy to ignore our body’s largest organ when few people are going to see our body parts.

Exfoliation is a simple but significant way to care for your body. Did you know that by removing dead skin we are able to help the body detox? Not only do you look better, it’s better for you! Let those moisturizers really sink in and nourish your skin.

Here are a few of my most favorite Norwex skincare tools for a Wisconsin Winter.

Norwex Back Scrubber– I love the extended reach of this tool. Use the rough side to slough off dead skin, use the grey side (pictured) just as you would a Norwex Body Cloth. It’s got the skin cleaning power to help you avoid the use of chemical filled body gels and scummy soap which just films your parts, including your bathtub! Great for people with limited mobility as well, you can hold the handles and use it to wash the bottom of your feet or scrub your heels.

Norwex Body Scrub Mitt– If you like the Body Cloth, you’ll LOVE the Body Mitt, it’s like the Cloth’s cool big sister. Pop it on your hand and use the rougher side to do some dry brushing to exfoliate, or use it wet. The flip side is the same material as your BFF Body Cloth. Use it to get your skin real clean without having to slather unhealthy and unsafe body gels or soaps on your parts. Pitch your smelly washcloths and loofas and puffs, those things harbor bacteria babies that you only spread on your body. Wring out the water of your Scrub Mitt, and hang it up to dry and the BacLock helps self-purify the material to reduce laundering.

Norwex Olive Oil Salt Scrub-Dead Sea Salts have over 26 minerals. Awesome– because when you slather this paraben free, synthetic and perfume free formula on your dry parts, you are exfoliating, cleaning, and moisturizing all in one, but you also get the therapeutic benefits off all those minerals. Massage it on to your dry parts, rinse well and pat dry. This stuff can make your tub super slippery, so be careful!

Take good care of your skin and take ten minutes a day doing something nourishing to care for yourself. You deserve it.


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