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Join Norwex. Clean Less. Live More.

You have a just few days left to join Norwex under our low-key, little pressure, half- the-sales-compared-to-usual-sort-of-way.

Join before April 1st, and becoming a Norwex consultant is probably the lowest risk, highest-reward opportunity that will ever be placed in front of you.

The Norwex starter kit? It’s free upfront. You are billed $9.99 for shipping. That’s all.

You have 90 long days to sell (and/or buy) $1000 dollars of Norwex products.

Does $1000 seem like a heckofalotofrags? Not really.

Let’s look closer.

One average Norwex party closes out at over 600 dollars. You are welcome to do your OWN first and even second party, we call that a “Launch” party. What’s smart about that? You can be the hostess and take advantage of the mega generous hostess benefits AND receive 35% commission as the consultant.

Your launch can be fun AND successful, I’m happy to show you how to make the most of your new business/hobby.

Take a look at the Fresh Start Plan for new Norwex Consultants that’s been beefed up with extra freebies this month.

When you are ready to ask me questions or want to be coached and supported by leader with 5 years of experience as a top seller/recruiter, I am here to have a low-key conversation with you and you can decide if Norwex is a fit for you.

(PS It’s fun. Join Norwex and it will be the most fun un-job you ever have.)

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