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Norwex Oopsie Moments

My face says it. I didn’t really see this coming either.


7 years ago I was a barely making ends meet, tired, cup-empty stay at home mom of three kids under the age of 6. In 2011 I picked up a side hustle because the products made my heart thump. I also needed money and a semi-life. I was winging it at my new job day by day, with a lot/some/few people looking at me feeling sorry for me, wondering why I was doing something as cheesy gross lame-o as home parties. That ate at me, because back then I really cared about what people thought of me. 

The first formal work conference I went to was for Norwex, and I was out of my brain anxious. Everyone appeared to know (and like) each other, people seemed to dig the loudness and the crazy side of all the female power pulsing through the room. I was in rocking in a corner thinking I quit, take me home to where all I do is wipe counters and mentally calculate how many wipes this poo is gonna require. I was so uncomfortable, and my post-baby memory was so bad, that the second day, while trying to hide, I accidentally walked into room 546 instead of room 646. Like barged in, because the door was ajar. It was a room of cool ladies having fun, and at the center of the room was The Sonya Eckel, who I can only compare as the Norwex equivalent of Steve Jobs of Apple. She was Norwex royal, winner of all awards, kind to all, hair bigger than mine but not frizzy so that’s a compliment, well spoken and proper like I couldn’t ever be, and un-freaking-touchable. I was mortified. I turned around and bolted out of her room, and shouted OOPSIE as I fled. Who says “oopsie?!”

This week at the Norwex VP Summit, we have been roommates and today we shared a stage and our combined wisdom and tips to our most successful peers.

🌟Your path might have “oopsie” detour moments but will not be an oopsie at the big, meaningful destination points.
🌟It’s ok to be nervous and feel different from the masses.
🌟Only a few people are judging you. Most of them are really busy judging themselves.
🌟Most people often feel uncomfortable, even the ones who are wildly successful.
🌟Sonya is amazing. But her hair doesn’t look that great in the morning.
🌟You have everything you need to achieve everything you desire.



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