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5 for 5- Use It & Love It!

It’s Spring Cleaning Season! Norwex loves windows like my 8 year old son loves cereal. (Seriously, what is with boys and cereal?)

Have you done your annual deep clean? I have no.idea how I managed to clean all these windows before Norwex came into my life. The last 8 Spring Cleaning Seasons have been more rewarding, (no streaks!) faster, and healthier thanks to cleaning the mechanical way with Norwex.

Norwex has become such a norm in my life that sometimes I forget that there are millions of Americans who are still using other methods, whether that be chemicals, homemade cleaning products, or green-washed “healthy” cleaning options that give mediocre results and then get shoved under the kitchen cupboard, left to sit alone in the dark. If you have a cabinet/graveyard of old cleaning products, it’s time to move them up and out of your house.

My 5 for 5 Kit is a way to share 5 of the most fantastic Norwex products with people who haven’t discovered how to clean with our world’s leading microfiber. If you are cautiously curious about Norwex, or maybe a grouchy skeptic like I was, this is a way to try 5 of the best Norwex products for 5 days in your own home. Use them, dirty them up, give them your grossest jobs and then give them back when you are done. If you are a Norwex consultant who is looking for easy, generous ways to help people fall in love with mechanical cleaning, copy my 5 for 5 kit in your own way and you’ll find that few people want to give back these products. Use this kit as a way to introduce friends and family to our better way of cleaning, and then help them pick out products that best meet their needs. Or, ask them to host a party if they can get behind the idea of being gifted with a big old hostess package of free Norwex in return. Many who get their hands on a 5 for 5 Kit will want to detox and Norwex their entire home, and those are the people who will be interested in learning how to become a consultant!

What’s YOUR go-to Norwex product for Spring Cleaning?

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