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5 Tips to Reduce Static in Your Laundry Room (without chemicals!)

Got static?

Norwex products beat the pants off chemical options (if chemicals wore pants) but one area that I often hear some grumbly feedback is in the laundry room in regards to static-filled clothing.
Ditching the toxic dryer sheets and fabric softeners is a non-negotiable you guys. Static is nothing compared to cancer and hormone disruption. I said it.
So what can you do to fight it?

This time of year is dryyyyy. I am constantly filling the humidifier in the winter. 

5 Tips to Fight Static in Your Dryer!

•Turn down the temperature setting on the dryer. Hot and fast is NOT what you want in the laundry room. Your clothing will last longer and so will your dryer.

•Pull your clothing out of the dryer before it’s 🦴 dry!

•Remember walking into your grandma’s basement and seeing her big ole bras and granny panties hanging all over? (Sorry if that is a traumatic memory for you.) Granny knew to hang her synthetics, and lucky for you she didn’t wear yoga pants. So many of us wear gym clothing and these should mainly be hung to dry. If you do insist on drying them, don’t dry them in the same load as your cottons.

•Use Norwex Fluff and Tumble Dryer Balls. The more, the better. I use an average of 6 balls per load.

•Add a safety pin to your wool dryer balls. There is a smart, science reason for this but I was an English standout so please consult Google if you care to understand the explanation for this one.

Image credit to my team member MJaye, follow her at @easygreenclean757 on Instagram for more great healthy living tips!

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