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5 Ways to Make Your Hotel Room a Safer Haven

We all know the term germaphobe, and I know many a Norwex customer and consultant who consider themselves to be one. I’m not, in fact, I have eaten food that’s been on the floor for WAY more than 5 seconds on more than one occasion. Germs don’t scare me, but chemicals do. I might be close to, but not a full blown chemaphobe. I have to be mindful of how to mention this subject with my three kids, I really don’t want them being so overly aware that I cause anxiety, but just by living in a low-toxic, green cleaned home for 10 years, their bodies seem to tell them to avoid chemicals without me having to say much. I tried to get my son Henry, who is 3, to go to the bathroom at a local Starbucks recently. He slammed on his breaks and wouldn’t let me escort him in to use the toilet, and the whole cafe heard him scream, “Don’t make me go in there! It stinks! It smells like chemicalssssss!”

Today kicks of 3 solid days of Norwex Conference. I’ll  learning and networking with my fellow leaders and consultants from all over the USA. SO exciting! Staying in a hotel should be fun, but walking into a small room with no ventilation can be a quick source of sickness for anyone who is sensitive to chemicals.


5  tips to make your hotel room a safer and greener space to stay

1. Remove the bedspread from the bed

 They are often dirty and washed infrequently, so toss it in the closet.

2. Bring your own pillowcase from home

Most linens at hotels have been laundered in harsh detergents and are usually bleached, which can mean instant headaches if you are prone.

3. Travel with an Essential Oil Diffuser

Diffusing air purifying oils the minute you check in and are in the room can be a fast, effective way to make your room air quality healthier. The bonus is it smells great too!

4. Open any windows 

So many hotel windows don’t open, but if they do, let in the air! According to the EPA, indoor air air is often two to five times more toxic than outdoor air.

5. Wipe down hotel room surfaces with a Norwex Enviro Cloth.

I travel with our small Enviro Cloths, or Travel Pack. Wet, and wash down any surface you will be frequently touching or especially eating off of. Using just water you can remove the chemical residue that is on the surface, giving you a cleaner, safer room. Don’t forget to use the travel cloths to wash your drinking glasses in your room if you are going to use them. Many hidden cameras have shown that these glasses get used, and not washed before you check-in to the room. (Gag!)

What suggestions do you have for making hotel stays healthier and safer when you are chemical sensitive? I’d love to hear them!





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1 thought on “5 Ways to Make Your Hotel Room a Safer Haven”

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