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She Lived

I imagine my obituary to read like this:

“She was seldom interested in having dinner on the table by a reasonable hour but was happier to instead, go outside and hand us our as$es and brutally trash talk us in game of four square.”

For ten years I have intentionally picked the direct sales/social selling/party plan (call it what you like) way of making a living.

While more and more professional women are leaving their 9-5 jobs in favor of our industry, one that changes the dynamic of how, when, and where we work, many people still struggle to imagine themselves doing their work/life differently than what they have done before.

I get that. I do. Many of us tasted working from home with kids during the pandemic and the taste of that was often…. well? Foul. Like fishy sour milk foul no thanks, dry heave, never-again foul.

But, I’ll share something with you. It’s not that.

The stress of the pandemic, the exhaustion of managing kids academics while managing our own fears was not a prime time for anyone to learn how to do work from home skills in a positive way.

When I had three little kids at home with me several years ago, it was bouncing back and forth between diapers and playgroups, dentist appointments and dinner, vacuuming and school conferences. Hard, but manageable.

And yes, it was a lot, but it’s what I wanted and I continued to choose it, day after day.

After learning how to invest back in my business by hiring some tasks out, like any budding business woman/man would be encouraged to do, I learned that building a social selling business wasn’t about doing every single thing myself to the level of exhaustion that resulted in spending a solid 10 minutes wandering around the house, looking for my cold cup of coffee (only to find it in the microwave.)

Working for yourself doesn’t need to look like how other people do it.

It’s not easy to build a business with kids, without kids, at home, outside of the home. It takes a dogged commitment to just keep showing up.

It’s not easy to be a mom. It takes dogged commitment to just keep showing up.

It’s not easy to show up in a job that bores you, asks or demands you sacrifice your family, your values, your health. At some point, you might ask, “Why do I keep showing up?”

After a decade of building a top Norwex team around the USA, one of the things I am most proud of is that my kids have watched me stick with it, day after day and

Do you care about things like weekends, being at their games, getting enough sleep, having time and the energy to sit down in the evening and feel something other than behind and exhasuted? You deserve that.

What’s stopping you from choosing a career like Norwex, one that gives you more time to take breaks to play, rest, and just be in between the work?

I’m here to show you how it’s done. Let’s connect.


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