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“Free Yourself”

Three years ago I tentatively started my Norwex business. I was looking to earn a modest 200 dollars a month.

Within just one year, working Norwex part time, I was earning the average salary of a full-time elementary school teacher.

Within two years, I was earning what an average school principal would gross in a year. (I wouldn’t have my certification to even be an administrator and would have to go back to college to be qualified for that job.)

Within three years, my annual six-figure salary looks like that of a School Superintendent. The big difference? There is NO salary cap in my job. (It makes me a little dizzy to write that!)

Last month (you can see by the very unedited images) I was blown away to be awarded #1 Top Recruiter in the Company. #6 Top Saleswoman, and my team of REAL women, who blow me away all the time– we were the Top 5 Group Sales Volume in the company.

I work part time. I choose my own schedule. “Mom” is still my first job title.

This job has little to no stress, and maximum rewards. Hard work is recognized, and valued.

I earn all expense paid vacations to locations like Punta Cana, Belize, Costa Rica, and Hawaii.

The women and and men I work with are kind, caring, and cheer for each other. The work culture?  It’s something beyond positive.

Most importantly, I am fulfilled. All of this makes for a good, and slightly unconventional career, but what makes it great is taking what I have learned from others, my mistakes, hard work and practice to hand this same opportunity over to anyone who wants to dig in and chase it like I have been able to. Norwex small, Norwex medium, Norwex BIG. You choose. We simply need more hands on deck.

Come chase your dreams with me this month.  It’s oh so fun and such an adventure! (And maybe I should go to finishing school and learn some stage presence before next year?) Naaaa!




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