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Debt Free Christmas 2014




That’s the amount of money the average American planned to spend on Christmas gifts in 2013. What that doesn’t account for, is the extra money we spend on travel, decorations, clothing, food, drinks, and all the other merriment that eats into the pocketbook or goes on the plastic in the coming months. Added up, it’s easy to see how Christmas can cost many families a spendy $1500 or more.

Many women and men will become a Norwex consultant in October with the intentions of adding a flexible job into their lives to balance out the Christmas budget. Some money-wise things to consider:

The average Norwex Consultant who I coach, train and work with, will earn $700 in less than 10 weeks.

Over those 10 weeks, they will have gone to “work” 4 times. Many will have left their home just 3 times.

Let’s break that down per hour. Considering it takes some time to train, ask questions, plan for your Norwex demonstrations, do your Norwex demonstrations, and then order the actual product and offer customer service, how much can one of my team members plan to earn when they start, and are obviously moving at a slower pace than a seasoned consultant? One of my newest tram members tracked her time and determined that she was earning $35 per hour. Many practiced consultants who log their hours find that they are earning over $50/hour.

That doesn’t even take into consideration the extra and often significant income that the Norwex team builders earn!

Christmas shouldn’t be about stress, charging it, and feeling the pain all year round for financing it, or feeling regretful. I can vividly remember those days and the anxiety I carried. Financial freedom and a life you can afford can be a reality. I’m a living example and success story of how with Norwex, anyone who wants to set goals and work toward financial freedom can have it too!

This time of year is Norwex busy season, and a fantastic time to join our #1 sales team. Give your family the Christmas they really want by being ready for every bill that comes your way. And bonus– if that family likes Norwex and you meet your goals we set together, you will have been gifted over $500 in free Norwex products. Norwex for everyone this Christmas!

With just 87 days until Christmas, why not Contact me today for details on how you can get started. Ready to start today under our Free Yourself Starter Kit? You have until Setember 30th!


(Actual income earned per hour can vary, examples given are by working consultants on my team and do not guarantee your income earned per hour.) 




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