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A smile to be proud of.

Years and YEARS of orthodontics for Maren wraps up today. One of my initial reasons for joining Norwex 7 years ago was to be able to pay cash upfront for her braces. We were a single-income family with three little kids and a whole boatload of student loan debt. I had assumed that braces were something we could worry about “later” but when Maren was just 8 years old we learned that she was going to need extensive work that we had not planned for, let alone saved for. #kidsgotmespendingmoneylike

She sat in on every appointment we had with billing and knew what an investment this was, which got me more than one “thank you” from her over the years.  I don’t know that I always know the right ways to talk to my kids about money, but when I grew up money was always a tension-filled topic, and I carried a lot of those feelings right along into adulthood. Financially, our lives have taken such a 180˚ turn that we hadn’t ever imagined thanks to Norwex, but that has required this bizarre shift of having to learn how to positively talk about money in this language that I am still trying to master. I just want my kids to be grateful for the times we were not financially secure and also for the times now, where we are, because now we can give generously to others and use our finances in ways that provide for others as well as ourselves, and their should be no shame in that.

Anyway.A smile you are proud of is worth every penny and ounce of discomfort.  (One mouth down, two to go.)

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