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Apple-y Ever After- With Nowex!

Apples for days! Who needs scented candles (gross, chemicals galore, please snuff those things out!) when you have apples slow cooking in the Crock-Pot? We have an incredible orchard a few towns over, so many a weekend this time of year we drag the kids to the car and make them come to the farm with us. I usually have to yell about QUALITY TIME PUT THE IPAD DOWN! but once we get there, all three of our kids become carefree, jovial and all about those apples.


(Ask your local orchard about second quality apples, they are usually only sporting minor flaws and are absolutely still great for eating.)  Recent research shows that Americans might waste nearly as much food as they eat due to an overwhelming demand for “perfect” looking food.  Stop and think about your own garden and how much “imperfect” produce the average home garden grows. It’s not easy to grow picture-perfect tomato or green bean, but we still eat what we grow despite the flaws, assuming the fruit or veggie isn’t spoiled. One way you can get healthy, organic food at a better price is to ask your local apple farmer for their best prices on seconds, or even consider food delivery from Imperfect Produce.

Before I cut apples for applesauce, several Norwex products pass through my hands

1.Clean the sink with a Kids Enviro Cloth (smaller, but just as great as a regular Enviro Cloth) and Cleaning Paste.

2.Rinse the sink well, wipe again with the Kids Enviro. *A portion of the proceeds from sales of this specific cloth benefit the Norwex Foundation!

3.Fill the sink with water, plug with the Silicone Cup Lids

4.Add your apples, fill with water, and add a capful of the Norwex Fresh Produce Wash.

5. If you are peeling your apples, go at it! If not, give the apples a final wipe down with the Veggie and Fruit Scrub Cloth.  *This cloth is endorsed by my Father. When I went Live on my Facebook Group last week to show this whole process, he had nothing but love to share for the Veg Cloth!

That’s it! Chop those apples, add a little water and cinnamon and nutmeg and cook on low for 8 hours. Your house will smell amazing, and if you triple the recipe, you’ll have enough to freeze to enjoy for later.

Our orchard also has this amazing van that I want to hot wire and drive away with. Nobody would ever notice, I mean, comeon!

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