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April Host Rewards

Check-check-check it out my friends!

April Host Rewards are looking fantastic. Spring Cleaning is here and there is no good reason to haul out your caddy of chemicals this year.

If you’ve been a long-time Norwex’er, perhaps your cloths are ready for replacing? Old Norwex can still be functional, but if you haven’t had a new Enviro Cloth in a few years, you are going to fall back in love with the fluffy feeling of our green cleaning cloths.

Ten years ago I started my Norwex business with a few products in a tote bag, and I went to any home who was willing to open the doors and let me in. I went to A LOT of homes. So many, that after a decade, I have thousands of women and men who are all part of my organization. You can be a host, a customer, or you can be a Norwex consultant for the full benefits. Choose your own adventure!

After a year of no home parties, I am so happy to be vaccinated and back to doing my first Home Brunch Norwex Party next month! It’s been 14 months and I miss the laughs, the dip, the chips, the friends I have made over the years by standing in front of you with a lot of passion for cleaning without toxic ingredients.

How can I help you find your perfect Norwex fit? There is a great space for you too.

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