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April Hosting Gifts

Safer at Home means more time at home! Have you been doing a deep dive into deep cleaning all the neglected, super dirty and ignored spaces in your home that are screaming for your attention? I love me a good Norwex home party, but for the time being, we are all gathering from our computers and taking the party/workshop online with Zoom and Facebook.

The good news? Many of you are motivated to get your Spring Cleaning done sooner. We’ve had old customers come back for a refresh of their favorite Norwex products, and loads of newbies ask, “What’s Norwex?”

For years we have been making the experience of being a Norwex hostess one that’s worth every minute of your time. We gift you with a package that makes your feel like its your Birthday and Christmas combined. Don’t want to spend a dime? You don’t have to.

Say yes to hosting a virtual workshop with me and I will being nearly a decade of experience and a whole lot of enthusiasm to your friends and family, leaving them feeling oddly… well, excited and interested about cleaning even the nasty places in their home. Think ovens, toilets(ew) and floors. We have a Norwex solution for that!

Ready to get your date booked? Message me and your booking will benefit a current hostess!

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