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Ask a Norwex Consultant: Meet Emily

The diversity and massive reach of our sales team means I have had the awesome privilege of meeting women from all over the USA. Each of them has their own unique story, and in an effort to learn more them, I’ll be highlighting one of them every month. Without the effort of each individual, our reach and ability to change the health and safety of homes would never be as as significant it has now become.

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Name: Emily M.

Location: Orangeville, Ill.

Family: Husband, Brent, a Sergeant for the Illinois State Police and our three boys: Mack, 7 Griffin, 4 and Leo, 5 months

Occupation: Worked in newspapers as a reporter and then editor for 10 years before staying home. Now, I freelance write, edit and ghost write. I mostly write for area newspapers. 

How long have you used Norwex in your home: About three years

How long have you been a Norwex consultant: About two years 

How many Norwex shows/parties you do per month: 1-2

How has Norwex improved your life?

Norwex has stopped me from moving my cart down an extra aisle at any store, it’s stopped me from having a panic attack about how I might be poisoning my children and it’s gotten me out of the house regularly for Norwex parties so I can find peace in knowing that my husband can survive bed time without me.

What products have you ditched or decreased use because of Norwex?

I was making my own homemade cleaning products when I found Norwex. Looking back, it makes me laugh. The windows were streaked, nothing felt really clean. I hated the smell of vinegar. My recipe for dust spray had olive oil and lemon in it. It stunk after a while and turned brown. If I got it on the wall, it wouldn’t come off. I think I was making things less clean. Anyway, I’ve stopped all of that obviously. In personal care products, I’ve stopped buying very expensive face wash, make-up remover and body soaps. 

What 3 Norwex products could you not live without?

The Enviro Cloth, the Body Cloths and the Micro Cleaning Hand pads. 

Who has been your most surprising Norwex convert?

My aunt, Lisa. I remember going to her house when I was younger and finding comfort in the scents of bleach and dryer sheets because I loved her so much. She would do her dishes and soak them in bleach water. The comfort, I now know, wasn’t really those scents, but her. I can’t believe how much she’s opened up to Norwex and changed her ways.

What Norwex products do you keep in your purse?

Lip balm. I keep the Travel Enviros and Dust Mitt in the van, and a few others in the diaper bag, but in an effort to try and be cooler with three kids, I’ve changed to a smaller purse. After writing that, I realize this is probably not working for me.

What’s your “why” for being a Norwex consultant?

I signed on to get things for free! I tend to have large parties and very interested people after my presentations. The satisfaction I get knowing how many people are going to be ditching chemicals after my party makes me so happy inside. I love that my children know about Norwex, and why I sell it for their health and safety. My husband has struggled all of his life with allergies and they have improved greatly, which makes me happy for him. My “why” is something that’s changed over the past couple of years. There are so many “whys” for me!

Live near Emily and want to host a Norwex show? Find her here

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