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August Starter Kit Enhancements!


August is my (biased opinion) FAVORITE month to become a Norwex consultant.

4 years ago in August of 2011 I became a slightly hesitant Norwex Consultant. I knew I wanted all these products at a discount and I had a feeling some of my friends and family would love them as much as me. What I didn’t realize, is that I would be saying yes to a journey that would change my entire life, both professionally, personally, and financially. Hundreds of Norwex parties later, over 2000 team members all over the USA,free luxury vacations, a car bonus, and no more credit card or student loan debt! Norwex has rocked my world and continues to thrill me. Life handed me an opportunity and every day I am so glad I had the girlball$ to say YES!

Part time, Full time, or BIG Time, we need more ambassadors for our products. Few Americans know about Norwex and we have so many homes to share this better, safer, more affordable way of cleaning and living with. Join in August and Norwex throws in some extra goodies into your Starter Kit. Remember, your kit is free upon joining. You work towards the initial starter sales goal and after that, stay active by selling a mere $250 every 3 months.

One of you tentative but curious souls will be given the opportunity to join with NO initial sales quota this month. Norwex has given me one free Golden Ticket to give away. All you have to do is nominate yourself and say ME. What you do with your opportunity after joining is up to you. Discount, Part Time, Full Time, or Big Time: You Decide!


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