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Say Yes. Do it Even If You Are Scared, And Eat More Wings

This marks my third year as a Norwex consultant. I realllly wasn’t looking for a job, especially not one in direct sales when I half-heartedly hosted a Norwex party.

However, I got a little more than crazy obsessive about the products and wanted the whole catalog but honestly, as a one-income family, that wasn’t really going to be affordable or realistic.

So I protectively and cautiously joined as a consultant with the mindset of doing one party a month, and earning about $200 a month as a way to have some extra cash for our growing family. I knew then that at a 35% discount I could afford and get my Norwex fix.

Three years later, I do an average of 8 parties a month. It’s like my favorite hobby, social time, and job all rolled into one.

Our team of 1000+ women from all over the USA have been the best gift this career has given me.

The evolution of leadership has pushed me further than I ever planned for, or wanted at many times. Even a year ago, I certainly would not have ordered and eaten a basket of chicken wings before going on a stage to train a room of 80 other consultants. A year ago I was hiding in the bathroom before the meeting, deep breathing, hoping I wouldn’t make a fool of myself, praying the women who were looking at me for tips and training wouldn’t think I was an idiot.

My new mantra– Eat More Wings. Even when you are scared and unsure of yourself and wondering if you have any clue if you are doing it right. Eat More Wings.

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