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Become a Norwex Consultant- Sign up in January for More!

It was a popular month to join Norwex! You still have until February 1st at 11:59 AM CST to join under the latest promotion.


Normally, when you become a Norwex consultant, you are earning a generous 35% commission the very day you start. Yes, all Norwex consultants make 35% commission right out the gate!

What’s the special big deal about January? When you sign up this month (you still have time!) you will earn 40% commission for the first 30 days upon becoming a sales consultant.

I’m off to Panama for a FREE, all inclusive vacation that I earned thanks to Norwex! When you sign up and join my organization either today, tomorrow, or next month or next year, you will hear from me shortly. While I am able to take time off to decompress and play, I am also able to do this super flexible job from anywhere in the world, even Panama!

Violet, my 10 year old daughter, is coming with this time. When my kids turn 10, it’s their “2-Hand Trip” and they are invited to be my guest with me on the Norwex incentive trip. Yes, this makes me a VERY cool mom, but I balance that with plenty of un-cool by making them do a written report of the country we are visiting and an oral presentation. Hard work pays off!

Want to do some fun stuff with me in 2018? Let’s try Norwex.

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