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Cha-Cha-Chia Seeds vs. Norwex!

I am deep cleaning my kitchen in preparation for a move, which means I am cleaning things I should have cleaned long ago! :0

Typically the Norwex to use for kitchen spills and wipe downs is my all-time favorite and #1 most used cloth in our home, the Kitchen Cloth. Its smart design keeps food spills in mind, making it the most practical for food and liquid cleanups. The BacLock feature in the Kitchen Cloth makes it able to clean up after itself as it dries with purification silver within the fibers, meaning less laundry. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could add BacLock to our kids?

In this video I wanted to prove and demonstrate the microfiber grabbing and trapping power of one of our most heavy duty cleaning cloths, our 99% bacteria removal (when used and cared for correctly) Travel Cloth which is also the same as our most popular microfiber cloth, the heavy-duty Enviro Cloth. Ditch the disposable wipes. Walk away from the bacteria spreading sponge and cotton dishcloth. Set down the sprays and paper towel and choose Norwex, the world’s leader in microfiber technology. It’s the 100% easiest,  most dependable, affordable, greenest and safest way to deep clean your entire home!


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