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Cleaner Carpets with Norwex

Cleaner carpets (and rugs) with Norwex products! Many of you already have these products on-hand, and one of my favorite things to offer you are creative cleaning tips for the Norwex items you already own.

Rugs and carpets…. yeah, they are gross. Invest in a high quality vacuum, eliminate as much carpet as you can, and keep what’s left in better condition by removing your shoes at the door. Great plug for the Norwex Entry Mat, this beast of a mat is like a a big ol’ protective barrier at your entry points. I know it works because when I clean it out I have HANDFULS of nasty that would have otherwise been floating around in my home!

Plug for being a party-person, you can still earn it free this month when you host a Norwex show with qualifying sales! It’s not too late and it’s easy to do a pop up Live demo on Facebook with 10 friends.

Pet owners probably have the most drama with keeping carpets and rugs clean. Teaching your dog to sit still for a paw wipe is not only good manners, it will keep your floors and furniture cleaner as well. True story, one day I was at the dog park and a lady ran up to me and said, “Aren’t you that Norwex lady? You gotta start selling those Pet Mitts out of your car, I have one and on muddy days I’m the post popular lady here!”

Here are my top suggestions for keeping your living spaces with carper and rugs cleaner. If you enjoyed these tips, please share with others. The more of us who learn to clean smarter and healthier, the healthier we are as a species!


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