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December Norwex Hostess Rewards

Happy Christmas, Merry Everything! The Norwex hostess rewards have dropped like Santa coming down the chimney.

This is the first year in the last 10 that I am actually SEMI-on it, notice the essential word in this bragging sentence is SEMI, because it’s very typical for my whole family to go down with the flu right before the holidays, leaving me with my last minute list and no time to tackle it because I am either using my old Norwex Enviro Cloths to clean up vomit or I am laying in bed, moaning and swearing that next year I will have it all done in November.

So yes, SEMI. We can’t go throwing Mom caution to the wind now, can we?

December Norwex parties are my FAVORITE because my hosts have their decor to show off, the snacks are especially delicious, and the drinks are ultra cheery, (or at-least they make everyone really cheery?)

I am full up and not taking any more Norwex party hostesses for December because BOUNDARIES ya’ll! If you want to host one of my special shows in December 2020, get it booked now, no kidding, they really are that popular.

If you love the Norwex hostess gift package for December, you can do a few things:

Have a catalog party. Take catalogs to your social gatherings, work, post on Facebook, and collect 8-10 orders. Boom, you are a Catalog Party Hostess.

Join. Best plan of all. Earn the 35% commission on your sales, host your very own launch party (I can show you how) and take home these December gifts because you picked the smart plan, become an Independent Norwex Consultant.

There is a way to have Norwex in your home that fits EVERYONE. Stay tuned for all the upcoming sales that Norwex is going to be offering you! If you aren’t getting my emails, be sure to sign up before all the deals start coming!

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