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The Dream still exists. You deserve one too.


My career feels like a miracle.
I get to sell relevant, safe, cool products that people actually need and like!
I get to use my teaching degree to empower people to learn how to be smarter consumers.
I get to mentor other women on how to live a bigger, bolder, more empowered and present life.
Stage recognition still creeps me out, but I’m proud to say my “Imposter Syndrome” is finally over after 7 long years of wondering WTH was happening, questioning if my time would soon be up, and asking when I was going to get the old boot and told to leave.

I am a Top 10 paid female leader at a 25 year old, debt-free direct sales company, and now I have the means to live and give generously because for those who have been given much, much is required. That is an amazing honor that I try not to forget or fug up on a daily basis.

Join for the discount and ditch that plan and do it for the dream. If you have forgotten how great it feels to dream, this might be the way to get back to that again. Learn how with me. I’ve gotten nothin’ but passion for the ladies who need to try something new. Norwex Consultant is a fun title to have.

(Yep, still do the parties. Have me over. I’m fun. Can’t stop, won’t stop.)

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