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Everyone loves NEW Norwex Products. Fall 2019 Norwex Products are here!

Have you been waiting for the new Norwex product launch? Old Norwex is awesome, because we have been spending 25 years perfecting the art of reducing chemicals with smart, safe, healthy alternatives to chemical cleaning. The standby best selling Norwex products are where every Norwex newbie should start. I have such respect for our company, because while most companies struggle to innovate, we are utterly obsessed and committed to coming out with new products and adjustments to the Norwex products we already have introduced. Color trends evolve, and we keep adding more choices so you can have cloths that clean and perform but also look good while doing it!

This was a huge launch, so I am going to be breaking up this post about all the new additions over the next two weeks.

Remember last month, when I was teaching you how to use your Norwex Mop System to wash windows? Well lookie here! Now we have a Window Mop Pad, made of the same fabric of your favorite Window Cloth.

If you have a high shine floor, this pad can be slapped on after wet mopping to dry your floors to a sparkle shine. Got outside or high inside windows that require a ladder. Step away from that ladder and extend your Mop Pole to the longest setting and use your Wet Pad to wash the windows, then use this Window Cloth Mop Pad to dry them.

Finally! Every Norwex consultant in the audience cheered when the Tech Cleaning Cloth was released. Why? Because now we have an easy solution to use and suggest to those who are looking for a safe, non-scratch, chemical free cloth to clean sensitive surfaces like your flat screen tv, the touchscreen of the car GPS, cell phones, tablets, and lap top and computer screens (My Mac Laptop Screen was always so hard to clean, learning how to clean it with the Norwex Tech Cloth made it look like new for the first time in 7 years. The bumpy silicone grips on one side are for you to hold, they keep the cloth from slipping when you are using the plain side. It’s a generous sized cloth and it comes with it’s own case to keep it lint free and clean until you need to use it.

Because All Living Things Eat, So All Living Things Poo

Some of you might be familiar with this type of product. Humans are often obsessed with covering up the smells they leave behind, and toxic air fresheners and deodorizers have been a staple in many American homes for generations. In fact, my Great Grandma had one of these gals, under her dress was an air freshener that had a jelly-like texture inside it that I would stick my fingers into. That poor little doll, I was always lifting up her dress!

The point is, most of these attempts to hide #2 smells are #1 fails. Every time you spray these products, you are inhaling dangerous chemicals that continue to permeate your inside air, putting the health of your kids, grandkids, pets, and others you love in harm’s way. Once you know this information, you gotta stop with that product and choose something smarter.

Simply spray 2-3 squirts of the Norwex Toilet Spray into the toilet water before you go. This natural oil solution creates a barrier that traps the PU smells. Safe for the septic and our water ways, and a much healthier way to leave the indoor air you breathe. I love that it’s a small sized bottle because you can fly with it, or put it in your purse when you gotta go on the go.

There are a lot more New Fall 2019 Norwex products to see and learn about, I’ll be back next week to cover exciting and long awaited Norwex Bed Sheets (with microsilver BacLock!) new, longer stainless steel straws with a functional and cute carrying bag, a new cloth for Car Cleaning and Polishing, and MORE!

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