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Exclusive October! Norwex Hostess and Customer Specials

Have you ever wondered if it’s worth it? Hosting people at your home is work. It is. Let’s not ignore the fact that you will feel some obligation to either hide your piles of junk or you might feel the panic if your home isn’t super mega clean. Shove the piles out of sight and don’t stress about the rest. I love when you host a Norwex party and recognize that A. Your friends already love you no matter what your home condition is B. If they don’t, we need to get you some new friends!

And yes, it’s SO worth it. Find another home party company that offers this much by way of free product. Not only is it free, it’s quality, practical, life-improving free product!

Sneak a look at the October Norwex Hostess Specials– they include items that are so very popular because they are so very rare. Unicorn products in October! The Chevron Bath Towels are a completely different texture than the bath towels we have for purchase. Thicker, a different weave, and very much loved by the male gender. You can also earn the gorgeous spa stone grey Chenille Bath Mat, I love these so much I found a way to earn 3 of them for my bathrooms!

Scroll down to the Customer Specials and you’ll feel good about seeing how your purchases and party hosting in October will help us raise money for various breast cancer organizations across North America.

Thank you for supporting our passion–giving people the tools to clean in smarter, safer, Earth kinder ways. Thank you for supporting my small business by hosting a party, referring a friend, joining my powerful team and/or by making a Norwex purchase on my website!

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