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Fall 2015 New Norwex Products

Here they are! I’ve been using the Fall 2015 new Norwex products for 2 weeks already and I have to say I already have some absolute favorites!

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 4.13.54 PM

1. The Back Scrubber has been my #1 favorite. I didn’t plan to love this product so much, but the skin on my back looks so much clearer and is smoother than it’s been in years. Use it wet (no soap needed) on your heels or even on your knees to slough off dry skin. Got Backne?(That’s slang for Back Acne, sounds sorta cute but zits on your rear side, ummm…. not so cute.) Norwex added our microsilver BacLock to this product, so unlike a brush or a loofah, it self-purifies after use. Typical germy wash cloths and body tools are only adding bacteria to your body, Norwex solves that problem for you!  My suggestion after using it is to roll it up, squeeze well, and then hang in the shower by the loop to dry between uses.

2. Pet to Dry Hand Towel for kids. Does any kid really wash their hands well enough? Yeah, not mine. All of my kids, even the older ones have gotten a kick out of using this towel to dry their hands. Super thirsty Norwex microfiber absorbs water from wet hands, and once again, BacLock does its thing by cleaning the fibers for you, so less laundry. Attach one to a stroller, they work great for baby or toddler drool, and keep one in the car. The loop is generously sized, so you can loop the towel through the string so it hangs tight onto your towel bar. NO MORE TOWELS ON THE FLOOR. Cue the singing angels!

Henry loves petting the lion to dry his hands


3.Norwex Water Filtration System. I was thrilled and a little surprised to see us launch this product. We haven’t used a water filtration system in years, but since you can always get Norwex products for free (yes, you!) I was happy to give this one a try. The results exceeded my expectations. The water tastes better, and my kids (human camels) are drinking more water than ever. We call it “Norwex Water,” and when you can avoid bottled water, your pocketbook and the Earth will thank you. The coolest part of this system is the magnesium technology is features. There have been lots of studies done on magnesium deficiency lately, take a few minutes to research and you might find the Norwex Water Filtration system is a good investment for your home.

4. Last but totally not least, the beloved backbone of our entire company has been upgraded! You probably fell in love with Norwex because of your first EnviroCloth. It’s time to fall in love again! We have discoved a way to dump even more fiber into this cleaning cloth hero. It’s 14% more absorbent than before, thicker, and more heavy duty. Now in popular grey as well ’cause grey is the new black! The best part? We are once again able to share that when you use and care for an Enviro Cloth properly, it’s capable of cleaning 99% of BACTERIA from A SURFACE. Why use stinky, scary, costly chemicals to clean when you could do safer and faster with with a cloth and water? Ready for new EnviroCloths but still have your old? Retire them to the garage or host a party with me and I will ship your old cloths back to Norwex where we are now recycling them. I love this company!

I’ll be featuring more of these products in the coming weeks and can’t wait to get feedback from my hostesses and customers on which they love best as well. It’s the same old song and dance but with NEW products. We still have an incredible hostess plan!  If you don’t want to pay full price, host an August gathering with girlfriends and introduce them to the Norwex Lifestyle. My average hostess brings home 350 dollars of free product. If you’d never like to pay full price, then becoming a consultant is the guaranteed way to become a healthy Norwex home at 35% off and earn the same in commission when you share Norwex with others!

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