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Fall+Winter New Norwex Products

While they last, which might not be for long…. we’ve just rolled out our new Norwex limited edition products for the Fall of 2020, and they are GORGEOUS.

You’ll notice that we have reached toward our roots, the Norwegian hygge lifestyle. As fall descends on us here in the upper Midwest, my family will naturally hunker down for the next 11 months (kidding/not kidding) and staying inside will become part of our ritual. Not only because we are living in pandemic times, but because its flipping cold outside.

I love that Norwex products are in all corners of my home. They help me help keep my family safe, sound, and protected. We burn beeswax candles this time of year, we pull out the flannel sheets and wool mittens, and down comforters. We read more books, fire up the fireplace, play more board games, listen to records, watch more movies. If you were to visit my home, maybe you’d notice that the cutting board is made of rice husks, my hand towels are intentionally chosen to keep you healthy, the shoes off at the door habit and the entry mat is placed to keep the whole house cleaner without using chemicals that impact or compromise your health. Our counters are kept clean without chemicals, we depend on mechanical cleaning of the Norwex microfiber and water when it comes to the kitchen, the heart of the home and the area we eat and spend the most time in.

We wash our laundry with intentional ingredients for a healthier planet and because clean laundry shouldn’t smell artificially scented. That’s a hard one for some to adjust to, I get it. Our best selling Ultra Power Plus is temporarily available in a lightly scented with essential oils of lavender and rosemary version. We are pairing it with a matching scented dish liquid which might make for a ritualistic experience that’s not so burdensome come clean up time. Or just cram everything in the dishwasher, toss in safer dishwasher products and press START.

Whether your home is just beginning to take a transformation towards more intentional products or you have already Norwex’ed it from room to room, the journey to living a life with less chemicals can be done in an affordable, achievable way. Your Norwex consultant (me) will help you shop within your budget or can show you how you can host a workshop and be thanked with our hostess gift program.

Or, if you can already imagine yourself being an advocate for our lifestyle products, reach out and learn how you can join our company and team of supportive humans from all parts of the country who are using their passion for practical products to make change in our homes and in the lives of others. I’ll be here to help you get started. Partner with us.

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