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Glass Food Storage Jars for FREE!


IMG_1519Peanut butter gets consumed in ridiculous amounts at our house. Reusing glass jars always reminds me of my Grandpa, who stored his limburger cheese in an empty glass mayonnaise jar. (If you can get past the smell of gym socks, it’s delicious.)

Along with reducing waste, cutting down on your plastic exposure, saving money on storage jars, storing food in glass makes it easier and more appealing for kids to choose a healthy snack.

The fastest way to get these jars in food-ready shape is with Norwex, of course!

Fill the empty jar with warm water and one drop of grease-cutting Norwex Dish Liquid.

Fill your sink with warm water and another drop of the Dish Liquid. Let the submerged jars soak overnight.

Use a Norwex Pot Scrubber or Spirinett to remove the loosened label from the outside of the jar.

Wash the inside of the jar with the Norwex Bottle Brush. You can pull the Bottle Brush apart at the seam to make it shorter. I love this feature, it makes it easier to manipulate. Leave the removable microfiber sleeve off when doing this messy job. The Thermo-Plastic rubber bristles are fabulous for this normally nasty job, the bristles rinse right off, leaving no icky-sticky behind.

Dry the clean jar with the Window Cloth and Ta-Da! Food storage jars!




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