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Goals, Little and Big

I’ve been an accidental saleswoman for 2 years and 8 months.

When I (somewhat hesitantly) decided to join Norwex as a sales consultant, my goal was to make $100 a month. $200 was ambitious, so I didn’t say that aloud.

After reaching that first (and second) goal within my first 2 weeks of becoming a consultant, I quickly learned to continue to look ahead and set some sort of expectations for myself. Often times, I would meet the goal on time or before I had anticipated. (Sometimes I would swing and miss so bad that I’m sure if I was in a stadium, I’d be laughed at.)

 Almost all of my personal sales and team building goal have been accomplished with this company. I’m often totally in awe of how the framework has been laid for me to Now, I get the honor of working with other women who are looking to build a better financial future for themselves. Working as a sponsor and coach has been the single most rewarding aspect of my job, because the more we work together, the more homes are left healthier.

 In March I told my sales team I wanted them to make the list of the Top 5 teams in the USA. What a long shot! My team is still in the tiny infant stages. I guess even little ones can make it big. What a fun day it was to see this goal accomplished!





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