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Got Stinky, Smelly Norwex Microfiber? Time for a ‘Deep Soak!’

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Have your Norwex cloths started to get yucky? Do they smell, feel grimy, or not work as well as they once did? It happens on occasion. The threshold of what Norwex microfiber can pick up, remove from surfaces, and hold on to, is tremendous. Our industry-leading microfiber is a workhorse, but even a workhorse needs a good clean now and again!

Has someone put your Norwex into the washer repeatedly with laundry detergent that isn’t dye and fragrance free? Have you used dryer sheets and/or fabric softener on them? Don’t fall out of love with your cloths. Call me for our #1 selling Ultra Power Plus Detergent to bring them back to life, and see the directions below for the “Deep Soak” trick.

If you are following the Norwex “Rules” but have found your cloths coming out of the laundry still not feeling like they once did, a “Deep Soak” or “Spa Treatment” might be called for.


DO rinse your Norwex microfiber after each use with warm water

DO consider use a non-sudsing dish liquid (preferably Norwex Dish Liquid) to spot-treat stains & rinse your Norwex microfiber between washings

DO hang your Norwex microfiber by the handy tags provided

DO launder with Norwex Ultra Power Plus detergent when the cloths start to feel grimy, take on an odor, or if they are cleaning less effectively

DO dry your Norwex microfiber cloths with other lint-free laundry

DON’T use fabric softeners or dryer sheets – these products add film & buildup to your Norwex microfiber

DON’T bleach your Norwex products

DON’T use laundry detergents that contain fragrance or dyes/color


If your Norwex microfiber is extremely soiled or has an odor, I suggest the deep soak method:

1. Boil 6-8 cups of water in a large pot
2. Add 1-2 Tbsp of Norwex Ultra Power Plus detergent
3. Remove from heat source and add cloths
4. Let soak for several hours or overnight
5. Rinse and then launder per instructions


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