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Grilled Bananas and the After Mess.

grilled_bananasLast night we made grilled bananas! It’s one of the easiest and fastest desserts to make in the summer. Personalize to taste by offering chopped pecans or unsweetened coconut.  My kids love chocolate so we add shaved dark chocolate too.

While these are a fun Summer treat, they make a wicked mess on the grill. Most people reach for a grill brush to quickly scrape off the char, but with increasing reports of the bristles falling off into your food or possibly worse, landing in your eye, it makes sense to choose a safer option for cleaning your grill. I met a woman at a Norwex party this Summer who shared that this happened to her cousin. Yikes!

Pair a Norwex Spirinett with our enzyme based Oven and Grill Cleaner for a safer but super fast-working oven and grill cleaning option. We’ve had the same spirinettes for 3 years. They go on and on and continue to last despite years of abuse! Why choose enzymes for cleaning? They work harder but smarter! I clean many ovens for my hostesses at their Norwex party, I’ve never had someone say No to getting their oven cleaned for free! Cleaning my own oven takes a little more motivation, I guess I enjoy the positive feedback from an audience when I clean. 🙂



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