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When You Hang Out With Me

I’ll believe in you until you learn the skill-set and mindset tools of believing in yourself.

Last night I launched a Facebook Group for training and support on Abundance Mindset and how feelings (especially fear) can be one of the top reasons people either soar or stall in direct sales. I’m not going to fake it, fear almost made me attempt to find a legit excuse bail out of my Live training. (Live is scary!) When you 100% commit to something and take out the room to negotiate your way out of it, you’ve already learned a tool to fight fear.

I’ve harnessed, battled, hated, loved and embraced fear for the last six years and it’s one of the most impactful ways I have found the way to make Norwex a career that brings me joy but also challenges me.

Fear stops some people from ever becoming a Norwex Consultant…. even though they deep down want to.

Fear prevents others from getting started after they initially join Norwex…… even though they desperately want to try.

Fear makes excuses when a business has stalled, flatlined, or become boring…..even though they know they are capable of taking action.

Fear can be the most powerful, helpful, invigorating feeling you ever learn to work with when you step into the thrilling, rewarding, but sometimes scary land of direct sales.

If you want to explore fear, come do it in a fun, safe, empowering environment with 300 other friendly Norwex consultants who are part of my tribe of Fear Facers.

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