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Happy Birthday Dear Norwex! June Customer Sales and Host Gifts

Happy 24 years of being awesome, Norwex! While eco-conscious cleaning is becoming much more common in our current times, Norwex has been the innovator in green cleaning for nearly a quarter of a century. Well before it was cool, Norwex consultants have been teaching people like you and I the advantages of ditching chemicals and old-fashioned ways of scrubbing for modern, safe, planet-protecting products that make your cleaning faster AND keep your loved ones safe from the side effects of harsh chemicals.

The June Customer Sales are awesome, in particular, peek at the ‘Our Birthday Best Set’ as it’s a solid choice for any Norwex Newbie, this package will have you equipped with several of the best sellers that will make your cleaning routines easier this summer. Your kids are going to be home, remember? Nothing will stay clean for long and you may as well show them how to use Norwex to clean up the messes they leave behind.

June Hostess Specials include both of our Laundry Soap options, plus the potential to stock your cleaning cabinets with hundreds of dollars of additional products, including the shopping spree that every host earns. Want to host with me? 7 years of party practice make me great at my job. We laugh, we learn, I leave and you are loaded up with Norwex gifts as a thank you for supporting this mission and my small, female-owned business!




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