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Heart Open, Head Up in Direct Sales

Earlier this week I ran some reports and discovered that my Norwex sales team is made up up of over 5000 individuals from all over the USA and Canada. I never saw that coming five years ago. Ever. Never-ever. So later, after I got home from the grocery store, I was compelled to share a story with my team. This is what I shared with them, and they responded in the most beautiful way. They shared their own stories of how their lives have changed, simple ways, profound ways, funny and heartbreaking ways. I wish I could read them all to you. Along with not seeing the ginormous team that would one day make up such a big part of my life, I never guessed that a free stater kit and enthusiasm would lead so many women to so much happiness and personal growth.

Here was my memory of my life, pre-Norwex….


Five years ago I would leave my kids at home with my husband and go grocery shopping in the evening, alone. I would pick out the foods I really wanted to buy for my family. I was just learning about organic food and wanted to try to eat better. After combing the aisles, I would then go around a second time and put back about 1/3 of the food I picked out….because we couldn’t afford it.

I said yes to Norwex to make the car payment, ultimately so I could spend more money on food.

Now I grocery shop and still choke a little at the prices of healthy options, but I can afford it, so I buy it, and I no longer put anything back on the shelf. (Well, maybe the ice cream, SOMETIMES I say no to the ice cream.)

Becoming a direct sales professional has been the hardest and most rewarding thing I have done after mothering. I think it’s fair and even responsible to be willing to communicate that to some degree to our customers. Letting your guard down can feel so awkward and uncomfortable, but what everyone really wants is to make a real connection with someone who cares. We can do that and still be incredible sales people. Want to learn more? I discussed this in more detail with my team this week:


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