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Healthier Homes With Norwex


asthma_Kids_Home_Safer_ChangesI walked into my Norwex show yesterday and chatted with this cute little appetizer helper. Her mom asked her, “Why are we having this party?” She smiled and said,”We’re taking the chemicals outta the house to help me!”

Asthma is so hard on kids (and adults.) There are many simple Norwex changes that can make breathing easier. The timing is necessary, I’m sure many of you have heard about a very scary respiratory virus making its way around. It’s landing many kids in the hospital, and asthmatics are particularly at risk. Asthma or no asthma, you can be proactive this time of year and make sure your immune system isn’t compromised by household contaminants.


5 Norwex Ways to Improve Your Immune System!

1. Dust!

Most of us dread dusting, but when you have an asthmatic at home, dusting can be almost physically painful. Use the Norwex Dusting Mitt, a chemical free tool for removing dust from your home. The awesome unique microfiber structure traps and grabs dust, rather than moving it into the air. Less dust in the air is beneficial to both asthmatics and non asthmatics. Our immune systems function better with less dust in the home.

2. Keep the carpets clean!

Less dust applies to your carpeted floors as well. Use a quality vacuum with an air filter designed to cut down on allergens. Clean that filter often. You can use the Norwex Rubber Brush to clean many types of filters on today’s modern vacuums. The less carpet in your home, the better. With that being said….

3. Keep the non carpeted floors clean!

Choose the Norwex Superior Mop System for all of your floor cleaning needs. Our Superior Mop pad is fantastic at grabbing and holding onto dust, lead particles, animal hair and all of the other yuck that floats around your floor. Use the Wet Mop (just use water!) for cleaning your floor with no chemicals, leaving floors streak-free and safely clean.

4. Sleep without the Dust Mites!

Yuck, right? Dust Mites and the fecal matter they leave behind in our beds, pillows, stuffed animals, sofas, and pet beds all lead to an extra stress on our bodies. Choose Norwex Mattress Cleaner as a safe and effective way to also tackle the dander from your furry animal family members as well.

5. Ditch the fragrance!

By switching to Norwex, you’ll eliminate nearly all, or every fragrance containing item from your home. Give up dryer sheets and fabric softener and switch to Norwex Dryer Balls, and your indoor air quality will improve dramatically. You can quit the glass cleaners, the air fresheners, all-purpose cleaners, and nearly any other fragrance containing cleaner taking up space in your cabinets. The best investment you’ll make in your health with maximum cleaning benefits? Our Best Selling Household Package. Simple, safer, faster and more economical. Norwex is a great fit for everyone who wants a truly clean house, not just those with asthma.

Ready to make your home a healthy, safe haven? Order your favorite items, or contact me to set your own party date. Show your friends how easy the Norwex lifestyle is, and stock your home with free products as a thank you for helping us spread our mission!

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