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“I feel part of something awesome”

This is a testimony that was  posted  by a consultant on our Team Facebook Training Group. There is so much gratitude, support, and reflection that comes with this line of work, and surprises too. I read this and had a hard time not getting misty-eyed behind my ridiculous ear to ear grin. What a gift it is to watch other women on our team grow and flourish, and not even see it coming.

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“I always see others sharing their stories and excitement on here and I feel like this is definitely a time where I need to share. I signed up in February as a consultant and it was simply because I loved the products and previous to Norwex had a strong passion for keeping chemicals out of my home as well as the environment. I work a full-time job and I’m single mother of an 18 year old daughter who just graduated high school and is heading off to college. So as a Mother, here am I half lost about my “identity” (yet excited, curious and comfortably uncomfortable with the next chapter) and trying to figure out where and how I am going to contribute and make a difference in the world… On to the point right?!? Norwex felt like the right hobby to do in my new found “spare time” for fun and socializing. July has brought about a demand for Norwex parties which includes meeting NEW Hosts (actually outside of my “circle” of people lol). Last night I did a party for a Host who had never done a home party EVER; she’s retired and was nervous about people not showing up. Well, she was a fantastic Host and it shows! Norwex has been introduced to 12 NEW homes…including 3 Mop System purchases (even thought they could get it free by hosting!), 3 Safe Haven Packages, 3 Household Package Plus etc… this was completely unexpected! It was such a rewarding experience and I’m just overwhelmed with gratitude for having the opportunity to share Norwex with so many new people!! I LOVE Norwex. Thank you to everyone who has shared info, stories, the meetings and so on because I LEARN so much and feel a part of something AWESOME!”! — Heather W.

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