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Tips for Hosting a Great Norwex Party!

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Nobody happened to mention that one of the best fringe benefits and  biggest downfalls of being a Party Plan Superstar was the appetizers. 2-3 nights a week I get to shove great finger food in my mouth, and over the last 3 years I have tried almost every dip on Pinterest! I packed on 10 “Pinterest Pounds” my first year as a Norwex Consultant and I quickly learned why: I was eating all the leftovers after the guests left!

Are you stressing out, trying to figure out what food to serve at your home party?

Here are the Food Serving Steps to Hosting a Successful Home Party:

1. Stop stressing.

2.  Don’t go on a Pinterest rampage searching for appetizers. Save time and Visit my Pinterest board and pick 3 things.

Something salty & crunchy (nuts go over and are easy)/Something dip’ish/Something sweet (Fruit for a healthy choice, a chocolate treat for indulgence. I’ll let you in on a secret. Fruit goes over better with guests!

3. When in doubt, go with cheese. No personal Wisconsin bias all all going on here at all.

4. Make less. See above. I see so much food go to waste.

5. If your friends like a drink, have 2 bottles of wine. Open one when the guests arrive, if the second doesn’t get opened, save it!
The BEST tip?
 Focus on friends, not food! Your gal pals are coming to connect, relax, and enjoy a night off of the normal routine. Invite, invite, invite and follow up! Your voice is mucho important in building the interest, curiosity and excitement about your Norwex party!

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