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Host a Norwex Show in June!

Summer is on the horizon, the perfect reason to CLEAN LESS and PLAY MORE! We live steps away from the beaches of Lake Michigan, and my goal every summer is to get my feet in the sand more and keep said sand out of my house. Midwest Moms know that these few months of perfect weather are fleeting, we have 9 months of the year to be stuck home to look at our dust and dirt.

Take a look at the Norwex June Host Rewards. Yes, we are still giving away all these good things in exchange for your partnership. Gather your friends and family (on Facebook or Zoom) and we will teach them how to clean smarter, safer, and healthier with Norwex.

You’ll see that you can earn the Norwex Reusable Face Masks in June. These breathable, washable Norwex masks offer exceptional filtration and also feature our BacLock technology which reduces bacterial growth and odor. These masks have been hard to get and previously only available to order if you are a Norwex Consultant.

Other standouts in the June Host Rewards include a limited edition print of the Optic Scarf (perfect for the sunglasses that always need cleaning) and the not-in-the-catalog sea mist floor mat, (I have multiple of these in each bathroom, they are so texturally pleasing!)

As always, we offer you a generous shopping spree based on the sales of your Norwex Show. Collect 750 dollars in orders, we offer you a no-strings attached 90 dollar shopping spree to use on ANYTHING in the Norwex catalog.

Want to host a catalog, Facebook, or Zoom Norwex Show in June? I’d love to be your personal guide to better cleaning!

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