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Host a Norwex Show in May!

Green your clean this Spring and stock your home with the products that make cleaning faster and easier. May is a fun month to teach others about Norwex. Everyone is inspired to scrub those long neglected surfaces and get those windows looking great again, until the next storm, if you know what I mean. But the 8 hours they are clean are a great 8 hours!

You’ll see the Norwex hostess plan for May features our New Microfiber Cleaner Laundry Booster. Use it to re-fresh and revive your old beat-up Norwex, or add a scoop to your extra dirty laundry. I use it to clean the dog bed covers, patio furniture cushion covers, my daughters farm chore clothing, and my son’s baseball uniform.

Another awesome addition to the hostess plan next month? Everybody loves those chevron Body Towels and Body Cloths! They are a thicker and slightly different-weave cousin to our typical Norwex Bath Towels, and you cannot buy them in the catalog, which makes them highly wanted!

What’s on YOUR Norwex want list? Don’t forget, you earn a Norwex shopping credit to use on the items of your choice. Maybe you’d like to get rid of those Godzilla legs before short season (or is that just me?!) Check out the new products in our Lysere line. Body Polish, Body Lotion, Hand Lotion and Body Wash, all made with intentional, plant-based ingredients that will pamper but not put you in harm’s way.

I am booking June parties NOW. Contact me to save a date!

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