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Host a Norwex Show in October

Fall in love with your home again…. nothing can reset our mindset about shorter days and cooler nights like a tidy, cozy home.

Do you change out your bedding choices when cooler warmer arrives? Simple swaps like flannel sheets, cable knit throws, and a few new throw pillows can make your home a welcome retreat this time of year. Rather than dreading the long winter, I try to embrace the seasonal change by giving my spaces a fresh look.

Norwex has the same seasonal shift idea in mind, last week we just released our limited edition seasonal products that feature a more fall-centric aroma, with our new “warm vanilla” taking center stage.

Now that we are back to closing up those windows and locking out the fresh air, it’s essential to embrace a healthy cleaning routine that says NO THANKS to chemical based cleaning products.

October is a perfect month to open your kitchen and have 6-7 friends or family members over to see how cleaning and daily living can be healthier, safer, more affordable, and kinder to the planet when you choose Norwex products.

Would you like to learn Norwex can change your daily routines for the better, forever? I also do one-on-one in-home and Zoom/Skype consultations.

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Here is a look at our mind-boggling generous hostess gift plan for this month. Let me thank you for being a leader in the healthy home movement. Our hostesses are the most important part of our company!

Looking for a Norwex sale? We have those for you! We seldom mark down the prices on Mattress Cleaner (one of my personal favorites, I use this stuff all the time thanks to kids with dust allergies and the big fur baby we have who sheds approximately 23 pounds of dog hair every week.)

Descaler and the Bathroom Scrub Mitt are part of my weekly cleaning routine. Get a waterproof hook for your bathroom and keep your mitt handy (har har, get it?) within reach and use it to wipe down your tub after you are done showering. So many of the bath tub and tile cleaners that are currently on the market are full of nasty chemicals that are doing more damage than you can even imagine. Cleaning isn’t fun, but it shouldn’t make you sick. Choose better!

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