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How to use the Norwex Window Cloth

In my decade long career as a Norwex Consultant, I’ve talked about cleaning windows more than any other single item in the American home.

People really dislike a few specific cleaning chores, and after compiling the “Amanda Ranks The Top Most Hated Chores List”…. Cleaning windows is tops.

So while many people come to Norwex with an eyebrow raised and a eyes narrowed because they just don’t totally quite understand how Norwex works, they most often become persuaded to listen, learn and try cleaning a new way because we FOR SURE have the fastest, most simple, safe and steak-free window cleaning method that most of us are hungry for.

So let’s talk about how to use the Norwex Window Cloth.

First, a little Norwex 101 for you nerds (love you guys) who want to know HOW Norwex cloths work. If you don’t care and want to just get cleaning, skip this part.

The super tightly woven microfiber that makes up our Window Cloth isn’t your humdrum microfiber fabric you can pick up at the hardware store.

We’ve built our mission around making cleaning a CLEAN, process, so we’ve taken a hard working textile like microfiber and made it better.


  • Ours is made with fiber that has a maximum length of more than 10 million feet or over 3 million meters for more effective cleaning power. That’s a lot of fiber ready to cleaning your crud.
  • It’s ultra-thick and absorbent, allowing you to pick up and hold more dust, dirt and debris than other cleaning cloths. You’ll love the pick up power and you can ditch the old way of smearing around grime, dirt, and even the typical household chemicals that many of us have relied on for years.
  • Many of our Norwex Microfiber products contain BacLock®, an antibacterial agent for self-cleansing purposes only. This agent is solely designed to inhibit bacterial odor, mold and/or mildew growth within the product. (AKA We give you many products that are naturally going to get less smelly between uses. You still rinse and hang and also wash your Norwex regularly, but the BacLock is going to do what it can to make for cleaner and fresher cloths!)

Basically this: It’s not your cheap cleaning rags for sale at the Dollar Store. We have given you a super hard working, high quality, smart microfiber that does more and does it faster without chemicals. Woot.

So you have a Norwex Window Cloth, how do you use it?

First, go here (insert link) and buy a Norwex Enviro Cloth if you don’t already have one.

The Enviro Cloth is our #1 deep cleaning, heavy duty, get after it cloth for wiping down nearly any soiled surface. Windows included. Windows often have nasty stuff like bird poo and bug guts on them. Got a dog? I bet you have some dog “kisses” toward the bottom.  The Norwex Enviro Cloth is going to be your first step in removing the substantial stuff. Wet it, wring it out, and fold it on half, then half once more. Now wipe it over your dirty window.

More on how to use your Norwex Enviro Cloth here.

Next, let’s put that Window Cloth to use.

Your window that was just recently cleaned with the Enviro Cloth should be slightly damp. Window Cloths are meant to be used dry. No need to wet this cloth.

This is where you get to work. Polish your window dry. It’s as simple as that. Just polish the window until it’s totally dry and streak free with your Window Cloth.

Stand back and look at the sparkle, no-streak window magic you created.

So what else can you use the Norwex Window cloth on?

Lots of surfaces. Don’t get stuck on the name. It’s a superstar at interior and exterior windows, but I use mine on the oven hood, coffee tables, MIRRORS, granite counter tops, stainless steel sinks, and my bathroom shower door. Do you have faucet fixtures that show smudge marks? Use your Window Cloth. Ohh, car windows. I love me a clean car window, and in ten years, not a drop of blue glass cleaner or paper towel has ever touched the inside or outside of any of my cars!

Remember. If your surface is pretty dang dirty, start with a Norwex Enviro Cloth to remove up to 99% of bacteria from the surface first. Then use your Window Cloth to dry it to a shiny masterpiece.

If hardly dirty and mostly just smudged, and just in need of a little pick me up, lightly mist the surface with spray of water and polish with your dry Window Cloth.

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