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It’s easier to stay well then it is to get well!

If one of your goals in 2015 includes eating healthier, you know the cost of fresh fruits and vegetables is worth the investment in your health. Our family has been juicing and blending for quite some time, yet there are always ultra-frustrating moments of finding decomposing fruit or veggies in the fridge that we just didn’t get to in time. I always hear my Dad’s voice in my head, “That’s throwing money right in the garbage!”

Norwex Fresh Produce Wash is back into the lineup for 2015. Plant-based and safe, you’ll remove dirt, oil, and all the random nasty germs from strangers who man-handled your apples at the store before you brought them home. No phosphates, sulfates or parabens, that would be really crazy to clean your food with chemicals since aren’t we trying to be healthy? BONUS: Extend the life of your fruits and vegetables, and maintain their flavor with Fresh Produce Wash.

I pair this product with one of my personal and customer favorites, the Veggie and Fruit Scrub Cloth.

Are you a wanna-be juicer in 2015, or an already juicer looking for some new juicing recipes, check out my Pinterest Board for some of my favorites!



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