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It’s easy to Join Norwex in November!

*In early November, that is! You have until November 11th to start up with your own Norwex account or business with just half the initial sales requires in exchange for no charge on your Starter Kit!

This is the season for over-spending. Don’t do it! I fall into the same trap and temptations as most American families, buying more than needed or planned for during the holiday season can mean regret and bills you didn’t plan for.

A debt-free Holiday DOES mean planning ahead.

My parents often picked up extra seasonal work during the Christmas seasons of the 80’s and 90’s. It was what we expected and knew they did that to stick away extra funds for the extra expenses. The seasonal work of 2019 is abundant right now, I am blown away at how many retail and service related businesses are under-staffed and hiring right now, and the service you receive in many places right now reflects this shortage of workers. Maybe a clock-in and clock out, weekend and evening hours, get assigned the hours you are working kind of job is your jam right now. I feel you, go after that then, you will have many opportunities right now for that type of hustle work.

What if you don’t have it in you to work for a big box chain, and the idea of working in the food service industry makes you cringe? That’s normal too. Maybe you already have a professional career and only have 5 hours a week, or even a month to dedicate to an additional stream of income. Maybe you know you don’t have time or focus to do days of in-person training and want to do that all from your sofa or bed after the kids go down for the night. What if you are the type that’s more excited by unlimited income opportunities instead of a hourly wage?

Enter….. NORWEX! It’s our busy season, because it’s busy season! Home parties, vendor fairs, person to person sales, Facebook or Online Parties… all of these are ways to earn 35% commission on a lifestyle product that is finally on trend. As more Americans become aware of the negative health and environmental impact of chemicals, the more they seek out options like Norwex.

I am always looking to bring on and connect with self-starting, inspiring people who see the value in looking a customer in the eye and teaching them how to clean their home with the world’s smartest and best microfiber. It’s a rewarding job, it’s a flexible job, it’s a job that builds your emotional intelligence and will teach you how to set and achieve goals. It’s the best job I have ever had and I can’t wait to show you how it can change your life as well.

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