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Join Norwex Now and Become A Consultant for Free!

It’s your chance to take advantage of a BIG offer. For a limited time, you can join Norwex free, with no strings attached, and no initial sales quota!

How to Become a Norwex Consultant If you have been holding yourself back from joining Norwex, love the idea of becoming a hobby/discount buyer, or have been looking for an opportunity to increase your income, this is your chance to Jump On!

How is “Jump On” different?

When new consultants sign under the “normal” terms, they are given a great Standard Starter Kit full including some of our best selling products, (that Mop, oh how I love that Mop!) and are given a timeline of 90 days to sell $2000 of Norwex products. This “normal” way gets you off to a strong start, helps you earn 700 dollars in commission, and builds an AWESOME foundation for you.

This month, like any other month, you can choose to join under the “Standard” terms, with the full Starter Kit, plus Norwex is adding in additional FREE items that will be part of the Hostess Special for April! (Fruit and Veggie Scrub cloth and Magnetic Enviro Cloth Free!)

That’s something I’ve never seen in my 4 years. Simply said, if you are committed, ready, and excited to open new doors for yourself, you will want to join the “Standard’ way!



You could choose to Jump On For Free, which is a perfect opportunity for someone who is going to dabble in Norwex, maybe you are scared out of your mind but your heart says yes, or perhaps you know you are going to be entering orders of product for your own home and personal use and want the amazing 35% discount. Maybe you desperately need another income source (like I did!) but need ZERO RISK to try Norwex. This offer might be for you.

FAQ about Jump On Free!

Q:Can I still qualify for the Fresh Start Incentives and earn free product if I join under the Jump On Free? 

A: Yes! Isn’t Norwex generous like that?!

Q: Can I Jump On Free and still choose to upgrade my Starter Kit at the time of sign up?


Q: How many days or months do I have once I begin to get an order in the system before I might lose my opportunity to stay a consultant?

A: You must maintain a minimum of $250 in cumulative personal retail sales in a rolling three-month period to remain Active • If this requirement is not met for six (6) consecutive months, your account is considered Dormant, and a Reactivation Fee will be charged • If a Consultant has $0 in retail sales for twelve (12) consecutive months, they will be removed from the system.

Q: I know if I join under the Standard Kit, I receive a 2 month free trial to the Office Suite System, a personal shopping website for my Norwex business and a newsletter that is mailed out to my contacts. Do I still receive that free 2 month trial if I join under Jump on Free?


Q: Come on Amanda, is it really free?

A: You pay Norwex $9.99 to have them ship you your Jump On Kit, which includes over 60 dollars in product. That’s all. So yes, it’s free. All you pay is shipping.


Join Norwex Free February Become a Consultant

How will you decide? I will walk you through that and give you guidance based on your needs, circumstances and feelings.

Your success is important to me, it’s why this business model works so well.

You can also check out this Kit Comparison Chart to see the differences.What's included in the Norwex Starter Kits

Click over on this link to Upgrade Your Kit and I’ll explain how I feel about investing in your business for a STRONG START, extra income, and confidence that this company and my team can help you find in yourself!

Whether you join Feb 1.through March 16th the “Normal Standard Kit” way or if you join the” Jump On Free Kit” way, you will start off by earning free product when you meet small, achievable goals. Check out our Fresh Start Program. I am so proud to work for a generous company with a mission!

Ready to join me? Click here to get going!  My resume is solid and I have a proven track record of success. I’d love to invite you to consider working with me as your Sponsor, and with 3,000 of some of the brightest and kindest, and most successful women in the company. Live far away? Most of my team does, and you still receive training and support from one of the Top 2 Teams in the USA!

Text, Call or email me today!



EVP Sales Leader, Norwex Independent Consultant (Coach-Trainer-FunMaker!)

if you never try




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2 thoughts on “Join Norwex Now and Become A Consultant for Free!”

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