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Limited Offer-Join Norwex, Become a Consultant the Flexible Way!

August flew on by, and was it a good one! I am just returning from a full 2 week bucket-list vacation that took my parents, hubs, and kids through 5 National Parks. This is  my first time sitting down at a computer in over 15 days, and it feels weird, but comfortable to be back! I can’t wait to upload the photos. We under-packed on purpose, but one thing that did make the cut for that 4500 mile road trip was some key Norwex items, I’m going to talk about that here soon! I do post a lot of stories on Instagram, so don’t forget to follow me over there for lots of Norwex IRL photos and videos.

Don’t forget, this month Norwex is offering a very chill, low-key, flexible way for you to become a consultant. If the 2000 dollar sale quota at sign up sounds scary (breathe, just breathe, did you know that’s about 3.5 parties for the average woman who joins my team and works with my support?) then maybe this offer is something for you to chew on. Sign up as a Norwex consultant before September 1st at 12:00 CST and you will only be asked to sell 1000 dollars of Norwex in your first 90 days. What happens if you do that? Your kit, valued at over 250 dollars, remains FREE. Yes, Norwex fronts you 250 dollars of product for FREE when you join, and in exchange you sell 1000 dollars of product, make 35% commission on those sales, keep your kit (no matter what) AND cha-ching cash in on bonus shopping sprees for being awesome and giving Norwex a go.

This is one deal you do NOT need to over-think. If you are sick of being cash strapped at the end of the month, if you are tired of plunking down money on cleaning supplies on every Target trip, if you are thinking about getting a second job to afford Christmas gifts, if you are sick of never gettng a family vacation (that was ME!) or if you are over your job and want to be in business on your terms, then Norwex will be the least stressful, most fun and rewarding way to make any or ALL of those things happen.

Take a look at the bonus program that’s set up to reward you for starting your own small business. Read: BOATLOADS OF FREE NORWEX!

Get started today, or use the Contact form on the Home page to send me a message and we can talk about your questions and concerns!


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