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Join Norwex for Free

It’s back again, your chance to join Norwex in a modified way!

Norwex’s “Join For Free” option is your way into our company with the option to start with a smaller starter kit and without the typical 2000 dollar in 90 days initial sales quota.

What does that mean, exactly?

You have two simple choices to make when you join Norwex this month.

Would you like a Regular Starter Kit full of smart products that will have you ready to go teach people how to clean in smarter, safer, more intentional ways? If you are for realz about this new Norwex passion, and want to make money by selling Norwex products to people who need better solutions, then join our “normal” way and get the most out of your sign up option with the big kit that has our awesome mop, business supplies and more. Crank out about 3 normal Norwex parties and you’ve hit that 2000 dollar goal and you keep that big generous kit for no cost to you.


Would you be happier with a tiny little starter kit that features just two products? (Two great ones, the Enviro Cloth and Window Cloth.) When you “Join for Free” you are gifted just two basic Norwex items, but in exchange you are also not asked/required to sell 2000 dollars in 90 days. *By free I mean $9.99 shipping and tax.

This is a personal decision but I can help you pick which one makes more sense based on your goals, needs, amount of time you have to invest, and even your personality. I’m not down with shoving you into a pair of pants that doesn’t fit. You’ll be miserable and you will make others miserable. Too tight pants are a punishment and that is not my jam.

Contact me and I will help you choose the right adventure for you.

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